Sutherland Shire Cycling Club

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Marathon season is over, but Summer is full of short racing as well as XCO Nationals. To get the speed and power up, Ondrej and Michal went for Twilight Criterium at Sutherland shier.

With not much experience to race criteriums, our MTB boys set in B grade. First 2 laps has been in typical roadie style, no one wanted to do any work and all riders waited for someone to lead the way. Ondrej and Michal, supported by Tai Huynh from TBSM, took charge of the race and started to increase the pace. Working together all the way to the last sprint, where Tai’s legs, hidden behind Michal,  kicked in and finished it off.

-Tai got 1st overall

-Michal took 2nd place in 2nd sprint and finished 3rd overall.

As a preparation for this “fast” Summer of racing, our Quantum racing team will be attending criteriums at Sutherland, Waratah Master criteriums at Lansdowne, as well as track racing at Tempe velodrome with Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club.

See you there.

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Highland Fling 2014

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Camlebak Highland Fling 2014

It was only 3 weeks after Crock and our team Quantum racing were off to Highlands for 10th annual Fling.  Forecast was promising 25 degree with light winds, the ideal racing weather. The highlanders always deliver their unique atmosphere and this year was no exception. The Fling for this year was 115 km long and has 2400m of climbing. As a last race of the Maverick series, the race in elite was promising quick pace.



Start of the Veteran category was set for 7:20am as well as for 100 mile category. As a fist group on the trail, boys were enjoying quick and undisturbed ride through the open fields. After fist water crossing and first climb the 100 milers get away and Michal found himself in gap between 1st bunch and 2nd chasing group. With no reason to waist more energy than necessary, Michal slowed down and waited for the Troy Glennan’s train to arrive. Working together all the way to 1st feed station.

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Kings MTB Classic

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So about a month ago now was the 2014 Annual Australian Cycling Uni Games. This had me focussing on road strength and neglecting the mountain bike in months leading up the games. I was sure that this would be the event to round out the season, before Uni exam time was upon us. However, on the way home from the last day of the games I noticed a large banner out the front of the Kings School Parramatta advertising their ‘Kings MTB Classic’ annual event. It looked like an interesting event with some pretty good prizes, and what I knew was a great trail – 4.5km/lap of prime singletrack cut into the bush right on the Schools Campus. So I took advantage of the free entry cost and put both my (Jacob) and dad (Paul)’s names down.

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Crocodile Trophy 2014 Report

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Crocodile Trophy 2014

After 6 days of trying not to over eat myself every single time I went around a fridge, I went for 1st XC ride after the Crocodile Trophy.

All nine days of riding TWE dually at the Crock Trophy, I was thinking about one thing, would I be better of (quicker) on TWE hardtail. In our team, Way2live Quantum racing, it was one big pre race discussion, as well as during the race.  Ondrej and I, we had done the Crock 2 times 2011, 2012. From our experience we knew the Crock starts to bite after 5th day of racing. So our choice was simple, TWE dually with TWE wheel sets fitted by Rubena tires and powered by JetBlack, RockTape, Spiral Food, Way2live, Celia, EFFFI and EBL.

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Crocodile Trophy – Stage 9

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Saw completed the race from Cairns via the Atherton Tablelands, Irvinebank, Skybury Coffee Plantation and the historic Wetherby Cattle Station to Port Douglas in a time of 26hr 53min.

He finished 7min 53sec ahead of Canadian Cory Wallace with Milton Ramos of Spain ahead of Dutchman Bekkenk on the final general classification.

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Crocodile Trophy – Stage 8

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Skybury Coffee – Wetherby Station – 101Km/1400M

Your authentic outback cattle station experience in Far North Queensland Australia.Since it was established around 1878, Wetherby Station has been renowned for good hospitality in the bushman‘s unique Australian style. Today, Wetherby continues this tradition of hospitality and a good time. The restored homestead, gardens and facilities are offered as an authentic outback North Queensland ve-nue for private functions and groups.Wetherby Station operates as a sustainable beef catt-le enterprise in conjunction with the established tourist and ecotourism enterprises. High-grade commercial Droughtmaster beef cattle graze improved and natu-ral pastures.A diverse range of soil types, wetlands, savannah and flora provide a safe haven for many species of mam-mals, birds, reptiles and insects. In fact visitors marvel at the close presence of Agile Wallabies and birds in the homestead gardens and surrounding pasture land.

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Crocodile Trophy – Stage 7

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Irvinebank – Skybury Cofee 127km/1300m

Skybury is Australia‘s oldest producing coffee plantationand Australia‘s largest exporter of home growncoffee. Our family owned company has been producingArabica coffee and tropical fruits (papaya, bananasand longans) from our 300 acre plantation near Mareeba(1¼ hours drive from Cairns) for 25 years.The growing conditions for coffee and tropical fruitsare excellent with mild winters and warm summers.The coffee harvest is usually in June and July whenthe cool mornings assist the maturing process on thetrees and extend the fermentation process in our wetfactory. Papaya and bananas are harvested throughoutthe year.Our coffee and tropical fruits are grown under an IPM(Insect Pest Management) system where we generallymanage pests without the use of insecticides.60% of the fertilisers supplied are organic, with the balancebeing commercial grade fertilisers selected tobe beneficial to the soils and fauna they contain. Thefertilisers are supplied through the irrigation system.

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Crocodile Trophy – Stage 6

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Irvinebank – Irvinebank 101 km / 1700 m

This new stage on Crocodile Trophy calendar was one of many with hot weather, lot of sand, sharp rocks and river crossings.

In 1880 the Great Northern tin discovery was made at Herberton, 25 km east from Irvinebank. Two years later three prospectors, James Gibb, Andrew Thomson and James McDonnald, found promising tin lodges in the catchment of the Gibbs and McDonnald creeks, in the vicinity of the future Irvinebank. The Glen Smelting company in Herberton, managed by John Moffat, aquired several of the tin shows in Gibbs Creek in 1983

Michal Kafka

Usually stage at Crock Trophy starts with long and steep climb and today was no exception. Finally after few days of not feeling well on the bike, I found my legs and get in to racing. On top of the climb I over took Andrew Lloyd and stick together with 3 more riders. Road went up and down and pace was high. After 30km we get on the group of 10 riders, just before we hit rough and technical single track with lot of loos rocks. After 5km in, I had my first puncher, for this year Crock. I quickly get going again and start to pick up lost positions. Than I had my 2nd puncher. After this I puncher one more which make up to 3 punchers in total. I lost about 35 minutes today. Not a nice day in office.

Andrew Lloyd

Today I feel the best before the start then I have felt all week. I was pushing hard along the flat till the first long climb. About half way up the hill my legs blew up so I decided to drop the intensity and enjoy the stage a bit more. From 40km-70km really suited me with a lot of loose rock and sandy creek beds. I could push a little harder here and began to overtake a lot of riders again. As we hit the last feed station there was 30km left and I had caught back up to Gary James and one other rider and we worked together to make it to the finish.

Alex Kooijman

With a 101km to go for today, the strategy was to keep pace but not overdo as stage 7 would be even longer. Stage 6 started with a nice long climb which loosened the legs and made the lungs work hard right from the start. Most of this stage I rode with fellow A3 category riders in a bunch, until the more cross country style track appeared. I pulled away in a group of four and kept going till the last feed zone. The group pulled apart and I found myself doing the 15km on my own pushing as hard as I could.

Ondrej Slezak

Another round of flats. Race started really fast with first attack within 2 minutes from the start. We have split into many smaller groups. First Groups containing Ivan was ahead of our chasing group of 5 riders. We went in really solid pace turning around 400w. We have passed the first feeding station without stopping and kept going in solid pace, making turns and going through local fire roads. 10km after second feeding station we got ourselves into really technical section where I was leading the bunch and was slowly pulling away. I had pretty good legs and I maintained my pace. Around 300m before last feeding station my rear tire went flat. I tried to quickly fix it, before my group arrives. It did not happen. My group passed and I left about 3 min behind them. Passing last depot without collecting any water. Last section was 20km on hilly fire road with strong head wind so I had no chance to catch 5 riders working together. After around 10km I started feeling dizzy, first sign of dehydration. Jiri Krivanek came pass and I wasn’t able to stay with him. I was barely had enough power to hold my handlebars. Than Yuki came pass and same story. Got myself to the finish, shaking with cold, not able to hold balance and loosing vision. Hana got me to the bed and I tried to sleep for 3 hours, while drinking around 6l of water. Could have been great day topping up 5th of 6th spot, but my tires had different idea.


Crocodile Trophy – Stage 5

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Today would be a long and very challenging stage starting at the gun club in Atherton and finishing in Irvinebank. Irvinebank, a rural village and former mining and tin-smelting town, would be hosting the crocodile trophy camp for two nights. The weather so far has been good with colder nights (some with some rain) and cool mornings with top temperatures at around the 25 – 30 degrees during the day. Perfect conditions for a race day like today, which promised to be demanding.

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Crocodile Trophy – Stage 4

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Crocodile Trophy – day 4 – Atherton to Atherton

The Atherton Gun club was the centre of the action for today’s stage. The start and finish of yesterday’s stage would be the start and finish for today’s gruelling climbing fest to the top of the Great Dividing Range. The organisers suggested that today’s stage would be a tough one with 2200Vm of climbing through the Herberton Range State Forest. All in all a lovely day out in the saddle, surprisingly with a cool 18 degrees start.

From the point the gun went off, the Elite men sprinted off and started the ~ 10km climb to the top of the Great Dividing Range, with Ivan Rybarik, Cory Wallace and Greg Saw leading having an early breakaway from the pack.

….. Ivan  I try attack close after start, because yesterday bad luck stage was inspired me to try win today stage. Unfortunately on the top of first climbing my front Rubena got slowly low pressure and I had  stop and fix it. Third day with technical problems on Croc trophy pushed my moral power really down and I just finished stage like a training. Hopefully tomorrow I can show much better results than today.

Ondrej Slezak,

Race started in unusually slow manner. I still felt pain in my legs from stage 2 so I have decided to ride in my own pace and not to follow first breakaway. First break was launched by Ivan Rybarik after 3km in the race, but no one have decided to follow. We hit the first climb and field stared to split up. I rode together with Andrew Hall, Yuki Ikeda and couple of other riders. We rode together until first feed station, where I put little gap on the  small bunch of ours. Bunch caught up within 5 km and we rode together until around 40km in the race where all the climbing have started again. We have split into single riders and from this point of time I was on my own leaving the bunch behind. After second feed station all climbing started again and I saw David Rosa ahead of me and Jiri Krivanek approaching from the back. I have tried to keep my pace and rhythm to the end of the race finishing 7th behind David Rosa. Jiri Krivanek arrived into the finish less than 1 minute behind.

Tomorrow it is the hardest stage so we will see how my legs going to feel.

Jindra Knot,

I was feeling strong today, was hilly the first long hill I staying in the group with 4 riders till first feed station, after crossing the highway I was make a little gap and after 3 km solo ride,  puncher my rear tyre and lost some time for the following riders, but change was fast  and I started chase group and rode with them till 40 km of the stage when I still felt strong and fast and made the final break till finish line and cut off some time for my team mate Andy Lloyd. I was 13th overall and 1st in my

Andrew Lloyd,

As I began to climb the first hill I could feel my legs would take a while to warm up so I stayed at a steady pace. I rode most of the stage with Michal Kafka until we hit another large climb around 40km. At this point I found a nice tempo so I put my head down and tried to catch some time back on Jindra Knot. Before the final climb I had a caffeine gel for some extra energy  as we still had about 1 hour left to climb and a long fast downhill. I lost a lot of time to Jindra today but I still hold the overall A1 category position.

Michal Kafka,

I was feeling good on first hill, staying behind Andy Lloyd to the top. Than on 35th km we followed sing Turn here, which tour out to be wrong decision. Riding 5km extra did not help me, I was running low on gels and water. About 10km from 2nd feed station,  I was counting every single meter. Finally I arrived to the bottom of our last climb, where the 2nd feeding station was set up. I took my time and ate as much gel and fruit as I could. My way up was slow and painful, but managed to get over the hill and on the way down also past some slower riders. With King stage ahead I am trying eat and rest as much as possible. In A2 category I am currently on 7th position.


Alex Kooijman

decided the strategy was to not overcook the legs on the first climb and set a steady but reasonable pace up the first climb. With the A3 category being the largest group of the Croc, there was plenty of opportunity to overtake the competition. It worked quite well, with a few A3 ‘mates’ not giving in too soon. Up the last climb on the way back, I squeezed the last bits of energy out of the legs with the knowledge that the last 10km was downhill only, ending up in 12th spot in the A3 category.